How I Beat Cancer Before I Got It

The ‘government’ is getting set to launch a whole host of new pre-crime technologies and legislation. The goal being to prevent crime before it happens. Yes, Tom Cruise played a part in it, but vanilla ice cream is hard to come by in prison from what I hear.

Well, in the spirit prevention, I am happy to have found a few technologies myself not designed to take away your rights, but to give you more of what we all want: life.

We have all heard how cancer has become an epidemic. More and more people are suffering at younger and younger age from cancers of all kinds. Babies are now even being born with cancer. (What?)

Before you go giving your dollars for a pink ribbon, you should realize that cancer has been cured already, as well as a host of other diseases including HIV/AIDS, Lymes Disease, Epstein-barr, Herpes, you name it.

This is the cure right here:

Bob Beck Blood Electrifier

The Bob Beck Blood Electrifier in Action

It’s called blood electrification. It’s really quite simple. Pass a weak electrical current over the two arteries in your wrist (the radial and ulna) for a 2 hours a day, and ALL the bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and parasites in your blood will be destroyed. Then, once your blood is finally freed from these energy sapping invaders, it becomes strong and healthy again and can do what is meant to do. Bring oxygen to your cells, remove waste and fight disease.

This therapy was developed by Dr. Bob Beck, a prominent research scientist who among his responsibilities was head of the department of health in California responsible for testing new health technologies and their claims.

You can learn more about this in his video.

And If you or someone you know is interested in doing ‘research’ to cure some health problem. I am happy to help you with this.


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