I like to learn about the world. I like to learn about everything.

I never accepted the lessons they tried to teach about what it means to be a good person.

“Be kind to others.” (This from some child molesting pervert somehow exempt from prosecution.)

“Cooperate and contribute to your community.” (This in an institution that funds perpetual war throughout the planet.)

“You doctor knows best.” (This from someone who hasn’t even taken a nutrition course, from a school that advises people dying to take ridiculously expensive chemotherapy by which your chances of survival are only about 20%.)

The list of lies and hypocrisies goes on and on. We all know deep down somewhere that we are being duped. And that we are being led down a path of increasing poverty, violence and self-destruction.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to have to fun too. This is a beautiful world, filled with wonder, pleasure and beauty. But whether you realize it or not: we ARE at war. So arm yourself with information! Empower yourself with knowledge and technique! Liberate yourself and exercise your freedom!

Read my research, think about it, dispute it, question it, use it. Join us! For we are the true immortals, and the guardians of the deep.



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