Notes on Gangstalking

Do you Know Where you Are? You’re in the Jungle Baby …

When you hear stories of people who have been followed, stalk or otherwised victimized by gangs, mafia, police, secret police or other government institutions, very often you hear them recount with fear and anxiety in there voice about how they ran or were being chased. Often it gets so bad they they “had to flee” or move because it got so bad.

watcherWith all due respect to the many victims of this type of unnerving and often unexpected and understood type of harrassment, there is a very fundamental mistake that most target individuals make when dealing with this type of threat. They run. They try to hide. They try to protect themselves. They seek security.

These are of course what seem like natural responses to being stalked. Most animals behave in this fashion so this fight or flight type of emotional response is hardwired into most people. Because of this, my saying that fleeing or seeking protection of security is a bad strategy in most situations, is not intended to be overly critical of my fellow targeted individuals, but is instead based on my experience and having to deal with this myself, and also a light that went on in my head, that there is really nothing for me to fear in most cases.

Animals who stalk their prey are known of course as predators. Their victims are prey. It’s common knowledge that predators prey on the weak. Lions will stalk a herd in groups and watch carefully to see which are the slowest or the stragglers. This is because predators are basically lazy cowards, or put another way want maximum gains for minimal efforts. This might also hold true as far as I can tell for the drug dealers, pimps and child traffickers that are often involved in gangstalking as well. In my experience, it is.

This is one of the reasons why some people are often targeted by gangs/governments. What held true for the nazis during their reign, still holds true today. There is an eugenicist agenda on, to cull the herd or purify the human race. Partly this might not be such a bad idea considering the abherrrations we witness everywhere today. But I personally would say, then cull on brothers, just leave me out of it.

We can learn much from the animal comparison of predator prey when talking about gangstalking and being a target. Animals first instinct is survival, so if there is any hint that the prey that they have chosen is dangerous, or is going to put up a fight, or even win and pose a deadly threat, most predators (being basically cowards) will get scared and confused, then bid a hasty retreat.

I have had first hand experience of this myself. Although at first, i was quite scared and overwhelmed by the tactics and the organization of the effort to harrass me, that it was not by running that I would survive, but by standing my ground.

It is not just “Gangs”

When you think of the word gangster, most people think of the rough looking guy wearing too much nech jewelry, driving a custom lifted hummer with tinted windows who deals coke and has a lot of “friends” that will come to his aid at any time. Or the aging, bearded harley riding biker who happens to own 5 businesses and hangs out with his daughter way too much. So when you are being ganstalked you are going to see more of these guys than you ever wanted right?

Well, sort of..

The fact is, gangstalking is not just run by outlaw gangs. The whole system from the police, the courts, banks, all the way up to the sleazy heights of international intelligence agencies and the mafia are involved. It is a highly organized, funded and interwoven program of systematic harrassment. If you are truly a target of this kind of harrassment you will get a gut feeling that this is the truth.

It might sound crazy, paranoid and almost immodest to think that this is true. And this of course is one of they psychological tactics. To undermine your self confidence and social support. If you try to tell people that you are being targeted, followed, harrassed, immediately most sheeple will say you are paranoid and need help. Why would they target you? What makes you so special? They are too busy going after terrorists, insurgents or dangerous people, not you. You must be crazy for saying such a thing.

If you are interested, read the CIA manual on how the program is run: …. (searching for this link)

Part of your mission to not only defeat the tactics, but to use it as a growth experience (something I eventually found to be a very rewarding thing) is to empower yourself. You must empower yourself in every way possible. This includes learning about their agenda, their tactics, their presence, their history, their culture and religion, meditating on all this information, and seeing how it feels to see the world with this new set of knowledge and beliefs. Do you feel more confident? Are you less a sheep that just goes along with things in exchange for the rewards they provide? Does it feel right? When you speak the truth, do you feel more powerful and free?

This is exactly what they do not want. You are becoming a tear in the fabric of their gag. An unwanted intruder at their secret gangbangs. What could be worse than for someone to realize the truth of the immensity of the coordination of their world wide demoralization and enslavement game? Many things could be worse of course: if people like you and I started getting together, sharing info, supporting each other and even organizing ourselves. But we’ll talk about this more later.

For now, realize you are not alone, you’re intuition and gut instincts are correct. You are being targeted, and it is definitely highly organized and funded.