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Gangstalking Interview on the Chris Brake Show

My interview starts at time mark 10:30. There are two other interviews on the show as well, to get a variety of perspectives.

To listen, click the link below:

gangstalking interview on Chris Brake Radio Show

3: What if High School Lasted Forever?

I grew up in the “big city” (Vancouver, B.C.). Back then, life was a little different. As kids, we were free to run around and play pretty much anywhere. We trusted our neighbours, they gave us cookies, I had a Big Wheels, and life was hunky dory.

High school was fun. Plenty of structured activities, a good supply of mind altering substances that were mentioned in our favorite songs and movies, and the knowledge that we lived in one of the best countries around. We were part of the first world, so we didn’t have to worry about being bombed or gunned down in the street by islamic jihadists or anything. For this we were supposed to be grateful. In exchange, we shouldn’t complain too much if things weren’t always fair. It was pretty cool.

As Vancouver grew it became more and more busy. My friends and family moved to different places all over the world, and life seemed to get more and more empty. Was I the only one, that had questions? Was I the only one that wasn’t satisfied with the way things were?

As luck would have it, my search for answers to the questions that plagued me luckily could all now be answered by a newly forming cosmos of information called the Internet. What is this thing we call money? And why is everyone so obsessed with getting it? Why is it wrong, in fact, illegal to defend yourself from physical attack, when the military does nothing but do just that all around the world to defend us here at home? Why are drugs bad and illegal, yet are basically promoted and glorified in movies and tv, and so readily available everywhere?

I kept wanting to live in a slower paced small town type setting. Something more like Mayberry, where you can get to know people. So I decided to move to Ladner. I was lucky to know a few people in the town already from work, and my sister and parents had already moved there as well. So it seemed like a great choice. I also met a nice girl with lots of friends that grew up here. So Ladner sounded like fun.

After moving here, I was very happy because I always wanted to live in a small town where things weren’t so busy. I had no idea that life could be so fun in a small riverside town tucked away in the Delta farmlands. I always enjoyed the feeling of community in a small town. Everyone seems to know everybody and because we shop at the same stores and run into people all the time, slowly but surely you get to know your neighbors. It gives you that feeling you have when you were in high school. Where you had a group of friends you hung out with regularly and you see them everyday, and life is still full of mystery as you are exploring all that it has to offer. It’s a great time of life. Everyday brings new possibilities, and the future is bright.

The cool thing about being in a small town, is that it is almost like you ARE in high school. Hearing the latest gossip about your friends, teachers and people in the neighborhood. It’s always exciting too because new people are always moving in to your neighborhood, almost like a new class every year.

High school is a funny place because you have to be there. In fact, you are required by law to stay in school until at least grade ten. (Which, now that I think about it means you are basically a captive prisoner there.) But most people would agree that it is in your best interests to stay in school, so don’t fight it, it’s all for the best. Its not always fun, but if you work hard, do what you are told you will be successful in life. (Or so we are told.) I’m not complaining, call me a dreamer, but sometimes I like to imagine what would happen if we never left high school?

What if you had to stay in high school forever?

So you could hang out with your friends all the time again and feel that great sense of connection again, and never have that circle broken up by the realities of becoming a productive citizen in the real world. I think the students and teachers would really get to know one another well, because the students would grow up into adults, and still be there. Everyone would know each other so much better, including the people who run the school like teachers, principals, counselors and even the administration. Doesn’t that sound like a cool psychological experiment? Living in a small town is almost like that.

Because you get out of school at 3 oclock everyday, people would have tonnes of free time. You would get to know everybody, the course material and the system itself intimately. I think naturally, the adult students would soon want more power and say as to how the place was run, what things were taught, what were the rules that made sense. Perhaps even have a say as to how the place was decorated. If you were there your whole life, you might even want to know about the money. What were people’s salaries? How did they get their positions? How cool would that be to go back as an adult and have adult conversations with your teachers, fellow students, and staff?

If you were in high school for your whole life, free to learn and explore information and new ways of thinking, it would almost be like an experiment in real participatory democracy.

Forget for a moment, that this could never happen, or the moral question of whether people should be forced to be in school against their will. Just for fun, let’s imagine what it could be like. A lot of people might accept this deal, in exchange for the parties and the social connection. Imagine how much fun it would be, and how much you would learn, if you were in high school forever?

Well, maybe that’s why I always wanted to move to a small town. I just want to go back to my high school days when things were still possible. It’s funny how life works. After all this time I have finally found my dream. I am living a small town. And as I imagine it small town life is like being in high school forever.

A small town is like a microcosm of the modern global society. All your needs can be taken care of here, and there is an example of every institution: business, police, leisure facilities, medical, government. It’s like living in a social experiment. In an experiment in participatory democracy. It is a perfect case study of how to effect change using the systems of a modern techological society, while enjoying the benefits of friends and family in your community that you see everyday.

Bad teachers probably wouldn’t last long in a school like that either. Because senior students would be so much more well informed and there would be trust among everyone, so they would definitely not be able to get away with as much.

What do you guys think? Who wants to go back to school?


Isn’t that what we all want? The power to party and enjoy life as adults too?

Knowing what I know now, as an adult. I think it would be really cool to be in a small town high school like atmosphere, with the rights and freedoms I have as an adult.

How about we look at what kind of courses we can take in school. I hardly remember anything I learned in high school, that’s how relevant they were to my life. Lol. Most of the really cool things that have helped me in life I learned outside of school.

Of course we have to think about why we are there in the first place. After graduating from high school, you come of age as an ‘adult’ and now have all the rights and responsibilities that everyone else has. You are unleashed upon the world with your new found powers ready to sink or swim. But are you really ready for today’s world? Do you feel empowered and informed? Do you have the skills you need for life, or let alone to find a job?

How cool would it be to learn about these things in high school:

  • What is a psychopath? Are they all serial killers like in the movies? According to some studies, as many as 4% of people have no morals whatsoever. Don’t you think they would have mentioned this in school? Often times they are charming and very good with words. Does that sound like information that people should told about?
  • Martial arts and self defense. Do you have the right to defend yourself? As a matter of fact, even if you are assaulted, even in your own home, it is illegal to defend yourself. If you are being assaulted, how do you defend yourself? How can you spot an attack coming? The cops can’t be everywhere, and we know that there are psychos out there. Why isn’t that taught in school?
  • Legal studies. What are your rights as an adult? Does everyone have the same rights, or do police, military and government have more rights? If everyone is equal before the law in a free society, why do some people have more rights than others? How do we exercise our rights, or get justice if they are violated?
  • How the system works. Government, courts, police and the administration of justice create a system that effects us all. Why do we know so little about how the system works? Is being a good citizen just doing what your told, or can we take part in community affairs?
  • Rights and responsibilities. What does it even mean to be an adult nowadays? What are your rights? What are your responsibilities?
  • Medicine and Health. How to stay healthy. What effects do legal and illegal drugs have on you? Who decides what is healthy, sane / insane and normal? Can the government force you to take medicine, have certain treatments, and suppress medical treatments that are known to work from you?
  • Psychology and mental development. Are you using your full potential? Do psychic powers exist? What are psychic powers and how can you develop them? Is that such a crazy question? Is there such a thing as mind control? How does your mind work? Are you being made to do things that don’t feel right, but you feel you don’t have a choice?
  • Spying and Surveillance. We live in an increasingly technological society where email, phone calls, and social media to mention a few are monitored. “They” say it is for our protection, and to keep us secure from terrorist threats. Is spying on people legal? How private is your information and who has the right to use it? Why are you so nervous all of a sudden when this topic is brought up? Is it because you are not supposed to talk about this?

I know sounds kinda serious huh?  But isn’t that part of becoming an adult? Being a little more serious and being able to ask serious questions. If you are legally an adult at 18 when you graduate from high school, Why do you know nothing about these things, and are crazy if you talk about them?

If our goal is not to create obedient slaves vulnerable to exploitation, but instead  responsible, thinking members of the community that can be trusted to live in a free society, then shouldn’t these types of skills and information be part of our high school education? How can we act as responsible adults if we were never taught what it means?

What are your rights as a child, a teenager, and as an adult? Why are your rights different? Are children basically slaves, that have fewer rights than adults? Do you feel empowered, informed and in control of your life? Why are there subjects that you aren’t allowed to talk about, even as an adult? What or who are you afraid of? Are we still all in high school here? Is it okay to be bullied and harassed? Why are those guys still getting away with it? Shouldn’t the principal do something about it?


Isn’t it time we start having these conversations?

Don’t get me wrong guys, I’m sure there will still be plenty of time to play video games, get drunk and have fun. But maybe, it might also be cool to empower ourselves as well.




Oh man, there’s the buzzer. I guess we’ll have to talk about this after P.E.


2. Ladner, a friendly little riverside town

Now that there was a little more breathing room, I took advantage of this opportunity to move up to the top level of the sauna. I always preferred this seat as it allowed me to see out the saunas windows. From there, I could watch the people frolicking in the pool area. People watching can be a fun past time where I live.

No sooner was I seated, when perpetrador número tres (goon #3) started in on me:

“I haven’t seen you around here before man,” he said somewhat aggressively.

“I was just about to say the same thing! I haven’t seen ANY of you guys here before. Where are you from? Do you live in Ladner?” I replied quickly. The thought had been on the tip of my tongue since I first stepped into the sweat room.

He was a little taken aback by the sharpness of my reply and said immediately, “Yes, I live here now over on 64th.”

“Oh I know that area, across the highway right. What’s the cross street?” I further inquired.

Yes, that’s right muchacho, I’m making notes. He didn’t say anything to this.

A lull ensued in the conversation, and I took this opportunity to replay scenes from Scarface in my head. My favorite scene immediately came to mind:

The chainsaw scene is a great example of how even a hardworking, talented and ambitious psychopath such as Tony Montana, could be bamboozled into a bad situation. How did they do it? By using a girl with a culo buen of course. Remember her? She is there to get him to lower his guard.


This guy can’t be all that bad I thought. He probably immigrated here not too long ago, in search of a better life. Who knows? Maybe he has family, or sends money back to his relatives whereever he is from.

“Do you want to hear a song I am working on man?” I asked. “It goes like this.”

It’s a friendly little riverside town,
You can get halibut, crab, shrimp and oysters,
At the local seafood shop,
You can get snapper, salmon, sole even urchin …”

“That’s terrible man. Really bad,” he interrupted.

“C’mon man gimme a break. It’s a work in progress. I love this town, but it needs a song man. Don’t you think? Celebrate life right? Fresh fish for everybody!!” I still believe this to this day by the way. (Please add your Ladner song lyrics ideas in the comments.)

“You want to know what I believe in man?” I asked as I hopped off the bench. “Love. Love is everywhere, in everything and everybody. Love is the answer. It is the only thing worth anything in this world.”

He gave me a wide eyed puppy dog look for a split second.

“But it’s getting hot in here, so I gotta go!” I said.



1. I know who did it

sauna-realityFor me the program, started quite suddenly and unexpectedly. I had no idea what it was, who these people were and only a faint idea of why they might be after me.

It began one day when I was going for my workout at my local pool. One of the only things to do in the small town that I live in is go to the pool. They have a great gym, a pool, hot tub and sauna. I go regularly to stay in shape (and secretly sculpt my abs and guns in preparation for the times ahead… )

I had just finished my weights, and had done some stretching in the kiddy pool when I decided to go for a sauna. It was the middle of the day on a Tuesday or something, so there weren’t that many people there, and I was enjoying a relaxing time that day.

I walked into the sauna with the usual intention of sitting in the top row to get the most heat, but that day I wasn’t alone. Three people had arrived before me: a tall, muscular guy that looked like a questionable masseur of some, a shorter intense looking fellow of latin american descent, and a thick limbed man with close cropped hair and a splatter of tattoos up one arm. Normally I don’t a crap about being polite, especially when it comes to my sauna time. But this day, as I entered the middle of this triangle of goons, it was as if I had bumped off of some kind of force field. I felt some kind of pressure to sit on the lower bench next to the thick, vaguely military looking guy.

So I sat down, closed my eyes and decided to pretend they weren’t there. No sooner did the first drop of sweat start rolling down my back, when Popeye piped up with a story.

“I just got back from Thailand, last week. I got mugged in the middle of the street.”

Cool, I thought. Now that sounds like an interesting story.

“Really?” I said.

“Yeah, I love Thailand. I go there all the time. You’d love it there. You’ll fall in love,” he replied.

Visions of child brothels came back from youtube videos I had watched about the child sex trade there. Not the kind of romance I’m after bro.

“I hear it’s nice there yeah. So did they catch the guys?” I asked.

“There were five guys that surrounded me … they had WEAPONS.”

“Weapons eh?” .. little fucken cowards need weapons huh? hAHAHA. Oh-oh, here come bad guys with bang bang toys! Haha. Wait ’till they get a load of Flash. It’s Elvish. Mwahahaha …

“But I didn’t care.” he continued.

“Haha, I know Right?? It’s like HERE I AM! Come and get me! Hhahahaha!” I shouted funly with a smile, hoping to get a laugh out of massage boy at least. Would these guys share my love of shit-bag-jitsu? I hope so!

Tick tock. Tick tock.


The sweaty wooden faces of the boards around me just sat there through my cackles.

“They were half my size, and I had no problem taking care of them,” he continued.

I had a chance to get a good look at the side of his face at this point. Hadn’t seen this guy, or any of these guys in here before. I noticed a certain softness in them, what I could only describe as a feminine quality. It reminded me of that french snuff film, about the gay underground rape clubs. And yes, massage guy did seem to have a kind of angelic quality about him.

“As if it’s size that counts right?” I interjected laughing sarkasstically. Hahaha.

I really wasn’t vibing with these dudes at all. They just didn’t get me. But I persisted in the hopes that we might somehow stumble upon just the right conversational ingredients to get a laugh or two. I had faith in ex-military pedophile guy. He would lead the way. And besides, they started it.

“Yes, you should definitely go to Thailand. I know you will like it there. You’ll fall in love. Just go, move there. Anywhere but here. Anywhere outside of North America.”

Well if this had been just a weird conversation with some fresh meat in the sauna up to this point, it was now definitely becoming much more than that. It was becoming: A MESSAGE.

Duh duh duh duhhhhhhhhh.

NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, gives you travel advice like THAT where I am from. And believe it or not, I am from EARTH, fuckers.

Yes, the penetrating intent of this burly messenger sweating next to me was clear now. (Go to Thailand. You’ll love it there!)

Ahem ……

“I don’t think I’d go to Thailand right now anyways. Isn’t there a civil war going on there right now or something?” I contributed.

“Yes, the army has taken over the government,” he replied.

“Haha, don’t you just love martial law. I mean how ridiculous??!! It’s like, okay WE’RE TAKING OVER! Haha. WE’RE IN CONTROL NOW!! hahaha. What a joke. I mean who are these guys?” hahaha.

Now if I weren’t a Natural Born Social Sadist*, I’d a been kinda uncomfortable at this point. What a crowd. I mean work with me here people!!! Three witty comments with a solid delivery and a healthy dose of sarcasm to boot: still not even a Twitter. I mean what do you people want from me? A marching band or something?

For some reason, I still wanted to build a bridge, so I thought I’d continue talking. As usual, all I could think of was political topics involving mass murder, starvation, bombing and such.

“I can’t believe what is going on these days. What is happening to the world? Did you hear about Syria? Two million people displaced wandering through the desert. Unbelievable!” I held out hope that he might be real with me and offer a different perspective on things.

“Yeah, that’s what happens when you have all those al-qaeda terrorists everywhere. They cause nothing but problems.”

Oh man. Obviously this dude doesn’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes. But who knows, maybe he’s open minded. Come on guys, I need more cool friends. Say something interesting. Anyone? Anyone? Ah well, as usual it was up to me to offer an alternative perspective.

“Yeah, well either that or it’s the C.I.A.!” I offered.


dead. silence

like a radio broadcast into our heads.

I watched a bead of sweat drip down his cheek. It felt like a sauna in there.

“I believe we have uncovered a complex**, Captain,” said my inner voice. “The subject is at a loss for words as his brain capacity is occupied completely with finding a socially acceptable, albeit no doubt, scripted response to the topic introduced … Awwww-kwerd.”

The silence reverberated for a drum beat or two. and time, like some stupified murderer, seemed to stand still.

In that moment, I knew

he knew

everyonethat was anyonein that sauna knew

that I was right:

The C.I.A. had done it. (The voice of an ex-cia whistleblower echoed in my mind: The C.I.A. is everywhere.) I had confirmation from skynet. The C.I.A. IS everywhere. 

Holy fuck …

We jibber jabbered for a waste of time more: go to thailand, blah blah blah, yada yada, fall in love, blah blah blah. Then finally, massage guy and pill daddy left.

I looked down at my belly button, and wiped some salty grime out of it. The last remaining member of Sweat Club however, my new found friend from columbia/guatemala/ecuador, was still there.

It was going to be a sweat off …

* Someone who takes pleasure in making people feel uncomfortable by insulting them or making inappropriate and/or slightly condescending comments.

** A complex is a term defined by the German psychologist Karl Jung. A complex is a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme, such as power or status (Schultz, D. & Schultz, S., 2009). Primarily a psychoanalytic term, it is found extensively in the works of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. An example of a complex would be as follows: if you had a leg amputated when you were a child, this would influence your life in profound ways, even if you were wonderfully successful in overcoming the handicap. You might have many thoughts, emotions, memories, feelings of inferiority, triumphs, bitterness and determinations centering on that one aspect of your life. If these thoughts troubled you, Jung would say you had a complex about the leg (Dewey, 2007).

Jung found evidence for complexes very early in his career in the word association tests conducted at the Burghölzli, the psychiatric clinic of Zurich University, where Jung worked from 1900–1908 (Daniels, 2003). Jung developed the theory out of his work on Word Association Test (Daniels, 2003). In the word association tests, a researcher read a list of 100 words to each subject, who was asked to say, as quickly as possible, the first thing that came to mind in response to each word (i.e. CIA), and the subject’s reaction time was measured in fifths of a second (Daniels, 2003). (Sir Francis Galton invented the method in 1879.) Researchers noted any unusual reactions—hesitations, slips of the tongue, signs of emotion (Daniels, 2003). Jung was interested in patterns he detected in subjects’ responses, hinting at unconscious feelings and beliefs (Daniels, 2003).

0. Kali The Mother


The stars are blotted out,
Clouds are covering clouds,
It is darkness, vibrant, sonant.
In the roaring whirling wind
Are the souls of a million lunatics,–
But loosed from the prison house,–
Wrenching trees by the roots,
Sweeping all from the path.
The sea has joined the fray,
And swirls up mountain-waves,
To reach the pitchy sky.
Scattering plagues and sorrows,
Dancing mad with joy,
Come, Mother, Come!
For Terror is thy name,
Death is in Thy breath.
And every shaking step
Destroys a world for e’er.
Thou “Time” the All-Destroyer
Then come, O Mother, Come!
Who can misery love,
Dance in destruction’s dance,
And hug the form of Death,
To him the Mother comes.

Notes on Gangstalking

Do you Know Where you Are? You’re in the Jungle Baby …

When you hear stories of people who have been followed, stalk or otherwised victimized by gangs, mafia, police, secret police or other government institutions, very often you hear them recount with fear and anxiety in there voice about how they ran or were being chased. Often it gets so bad they they “had to flee” or move because it got so bad.

watcherWith all due respect to the many victims of this type of unnerving and often unexpected and understood type of harrassment, there is a very fundamental mistake that most target individuals make when dealing with this type of threat. They run. They try to hide. They try to protect themselves. They seek security.

These are of course what seem like natural responses to being stalked. Most animals behave in this fashion so this fight or flight type of emotional response is hardwired into most people. Because of this, my saying that fleeing or seeking protection of security is a bad strategy in most situations, is not intended to be overly critical of my fellow targeted individuals, but is instead based on my experience and having to deal with this myself, and also a light that went on in my head, that there is really nothing for me to fear in most cases.

Animals who stalk their prey are known of course as predators. Their victims are prey. It’s common knowledge that predators prey on the weak. Lions will stalk a herd in groups and watch carefully to see which are the slowest or the stragglers. This is because predators are basically lazy cowards, or put another way want maximum gains for minimal efforts. This might also hold true as far as I can tell for the drug dealers, pimps and child traffickers that are often involved in gangstalking as well. In my experience, it is.

This is one of the reasons why some people are often targeted by gangs/governments. What held true for the nazis during their reign, still holds true today. There is an eugenicist agenda on, to cull the herd or purify the human race. Partly this might not be such a bad idea considering the abherrrations we witness everywhere today. But I personally would say, then cull on brothers, just leave me out of it.

We can learn much from the animal comparison of predator prey when talking about gangstalking and being a target. Animals first instinct is survival, so if there is any hint that the prey that they have chosen is dangerous, or is going to put up a fight, or even win and pose a deadly threat, most predators (being basically cowards) will get scared and confused, then bid a hasty retreat.

I have had first hand experience of this myself. Although at first, i was quite scared and overwhelmed by the tactics and the organization of the effort to harrass me, that it was not by running that I would survive, but by standing my ground.

It is not just “Gangs”

When you think of the word gangster, most people think of the rough looking guy wearing too much nech jewelry, driving a custom lifted hummer with tinted windows who deals coke and has a lot of “friends” that will come to his aid at any time. Or the aging, bearded harley riding biker who happens to own 5 businesses and hangs out with his daughter way too much. So when you are being ganstalked you are going to see more of these guys than you ever wanted right?

Well, sort of..

The fact is, gangstalking is not just run by outlaw gangs. The whole system from the police, the courts, banks, all the way up to the sleazy heights of international intelligence agencies and the mafia are involved. It is a highly organized, funded and interwoven program of systematic harrassment. If you are truly a target of this kind of harrassment you will get a gut feeling that this is the truth.

It might sound crazy, paranoid and almost immodest to think that this is true. And this of course is one of they psychological tactics. To undermine your self confidence and social support. If you try to tell people that you are being targeted, followed, harrassed, immediately most sheeple will say you are paranoid and need help. Why would they target you? What makes you so special? They are too busy going after terrorists, insurgents or dangerous people, not you. You must be crazy for saying such a thing.

If you are interested, read the CIA manual on how the program is run: …. (searching for this link)

Part of your mission to not only defeat the tactics, but to use it as a growth experience (something I eventually found to be a very rewarding thing) is to empower yourself. You must empower yourself in every way possible. This includes learning about their agenda, their tactics, their presence, their history, their culture and religion, meditating on all this information, and seeing how it feels to see the world with this new set of knowledge and beliefs. Do you feel more confident? Are you less a sheep that just goes along with things in exchange for the rewards they provide? Does it feel right? When you speak the truth, do you feel more powerful and free?

This is exactly what they do not want. You are becoming a tear in the fabric of their gag. An unwanted intruder at their secret gangbangs. What could be worse than for someone to realize the truth of the immensity of the coordination of their world wide demoralization and enslavement game? Many things could be worse of course: if people like you and I started getting together, sharing info, supporting each other and even organizing ourselves. But we’ll talk about this more later.

For now, realize you are not alone, you’re intuition and gut instincts are correct. You are being targeted, and it is definitely highly organized and funded.